Wild rehearsals

We are constantly getting closer to the premiere of 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild north, and at this moment, Statsteatret has its base in the basement of Rogaland Teater in Stavanger, where we are testing and failing, in the manner we always test and fail our way to completion.

After wour weeks of rehearsals in buycbdproducts apartment in Oslo, the artistic process has moved to Norway’s West coast.

In our democratic theatre process we work by the improv principle of accept, don’t block. You rarely feel clever when you are throwing yourself into an idea that might not be thoroughly thought through, and you get booed off stage. But that is the way Statsteatret loves to work, and that is how the performances are created. With a base in Yngves draft script, of course. 90 percent of what is tried out, will be rejected. “Kill your darlings” is an important motto.

The stage design is constantly developing. In this performance pallets are the main element, specifically 25 euro pallets that will form, amongst other things, a bar.

Herr Pedersen er tidligere same, men prøver å kvitte seg med den identiteten. Derfor hårfargen. Skuespiller Kim synes det er helt topp å ha hår igjen.

Mr Pedersen is formerly Sami, but that is an identity he is trying to get rid of. Therefore the hair colour. Actor Kim thinks it is great having hair again.

For all westerns with self-respect should have a bar with scowling and fairly nervous guests.

Props and costumes also need to fall into place now. A genuine cowboy shop in Jæren will soon receive a visit from a gang of lost city boys hunting for hats and chaps. We also need Indian accessories, as this is after all a cowboy-and-Indian performance. But our base costume is always the black suit. We believe in the art of implication, so Egil might have to make do with a feather in his hat.

In four weeks, after a swift trip via Narvik and Bergen to perform 1066 – The battle of Stamford bridge and 1537 – Danish years, we travel to Kautokeino and Det Samiske Nasjonalteatret Beaivvas. There we will be adding the finishing touches, before our fourth production, 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild north is ready for its world premiere at The Ice Theatre in Kautokeino 16th April.

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