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The idea behind Statsteatret


We will bring together people who want to play together and who has a common understanding of what theater we want to create. Institution Theater, which we all have a background from, has the same type combination as a large orchestra in which people are employed quite random. This randomness makes it difficult to agree on the direction for each production. One simply has often differing views on what the job actually entails.

We want a ” band ” that have common preferences. A theater whose members at the beginning of each production have toned his instrument in the same note . And that , depending on each production materials, playing and producing the desired genre for precisely this production. This band does not have a desire to be an island for itself. We should, have to and will invite guests. And each must make to have their side project. What we have set as absolute to call it a Statsteatret production is that at least two of the five permanent members are involved .


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Statsteatret wants with his project ” Norway 1066-2066 ” to «rewright» the story of Norway and bring it out into the city as well as the country and built a large audience. Our first production was ” 1066 – Battle of Stamford Bridge ‘, and our last wil be a future fable of Norway in 2066 . The plan is to make ten shows in ten years. We will look for and compare past and present. What goes in the loop? Which past events, conflicts and people have influenced our society? What has the official Norway consciously or unconsciously excluded ?



Man kind will at all times recognize its own generation as the modern and enlightened. Each generation sees presumably himself as the inventor of the gunpowder. Because we perceive ourselves as very modern, and to strengthen our own ego related to ” modern “, it is fun to imagine our ancestors as humorless rough workers without a thought beyond stone ,soil, stone, soil. This is an effective way to keep the story out of our lives. It is not interesting. The people were not interesting. The science, the Enlightenment, the Internet, everything is in our favor today. We have nothing to learn from the past. But this eternal river, history, as we all are a part, can tell how late human change takes place at the inner level . And what goes in the loop .

We will find important crossroads in our history, elucidate these again unexpected and violent manner, mixing fact and fiction, to, hopefully, find answers to who we are and why we have been like that. And not least, where it leads to?

In pursuit of such historic events, we see that Norway and the sea are often interrelated. Travelling in Viking, traveling in commerce, discovery, conquest travel, freight travel, emigration, traveling on fishing and shipping companies’ on the high seas .


We have constantly been in connection with others and the sea has bound us together. The sea has brought religion, culture and language. Sea trade has given us wealth, but also illness and death.

We see concretely how important the sea is also in our time with the boundary in the Barents Sea. Maybe it’s the sea that defines us as people, not the country?


We will play where you want us to play . The idea is that we are acting as distributors to fulfill performance space almost alone so that we can thus reduce the outer props to a minimum. Our project should not just be about the state, but played everywhere in the state.


If you have an opinion on a historical event you think might be interesting for us to make create a story about? Do not hesitate to write to us! Dont matter if it has anything to do with the ocean, the important thing is that you think it has anything to do with us today .

Hope to see, hear from, or play for you soon.

All good, Yngve Sundvor


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