1880 is on!

1880 is on!

Rehersals for 1880 – America have started, and for several weeks we have discussed and improvised to find the shape of

Do we want a coat stand in the play? Many important decisions are taken these days.

Do we want a coat stand in the play? Many important decisions are taken these days.

our lutefisk mafia history.

The roles have been given out, and we’ve talked a lot about who these characters are. This time it’s Per’s turn to play “the big boss”. In 1880 that is the father of the house and mob boss, Solomon.

We discuss the room. What do we want, how should the scenography be? We see theater to be inspired and get ideas for our own play. We have also been on a little field trip to Göteborg in Sweden.

While the actors are on tour in Buskerud, our eminent director and screenwriter Yngve have continued writing the script.

We know what we want to say with this performance; we want to show the audience that our emigration in the late 1800s is not that different from the challenges many people say we have with immigration to Norway today; we kept to ourselves and would rather speak Norwegian. Most would retain their own culture and religion, dress in Norwegian clothes and had little interest of, and almost repelled the sinful West.

Statsteatret goes to America

Statsteatret goes to America

We give you an offer you can’t refuse. Our fifth play is a mafia-lutefisk story from down-town Chicago.

In 1880 – America we meet a family of Norwegian settlers and their challanges to fit in. Their struggle for lutefisk, protestantism and Norwegian family values. The head of the family, Salomon, not a stranger to misdemeanors, and mafioso behavior leads with a rigorous hand. In this neighborhood the weapons are never far. Will his america reformed son John (former Johannes) back up his father and his views? Will Solomon`s brother, the booz loving police chief look the other way? The sharp and pungent smell of gun smoke, blood and fish is in the air. In the distant you can hear the song of a woman, the vigorous mass murderer from Selbu, Belle Gunness.

1880 – America premieres at Tou Scene in Stavanger on April 24th, and before you know it we’re on a stage near you.

See full schedule here

Wonderful start for 1814

Wonderful start for 1814
«1814 – A wild west story from the wild, wild North» premiered in Kautokeino, Northern Norway at Easter and has so far also performed at Rogaland Teater in Stavanger, Norway. The response from the audience and reviewers has been overwhelming. Now the rest of the country awaits us.

Egil Keskitalo. Photo: Aslak Mikal Mienna

Egil Keskitalo. Photo: Aslak Mikal Mienna

After a few weeks rehearsals at
Beaivvas Sami National Theatre in Kautokeino, we performed two shows for full houses at the Thon Hotel during the world’s first Sami theatre festival. It was something quite extraordinary to perform this play for a Sami audience, that really knows its history. We have worked hard to get to know the subject, but we are of course beginners when it comes to this dark side of Norwegian history. Luckily we have Egil with us, who through the rehearsal period would let us know if we were really in the wilderness. The response to the two performances in Kautokeino was purely overwhelming. We are so happy that we were so well-received by the Sami audience, and we have really been made aware of how important it is to tell this story.

Great reviews
Rogaland Teater is in many ways our second home and we have gained a faithful audience in Stavanger. We had a fantastic experience in our meeting with them, and the critics seemed pleased as well; six out of six in Altaposten and five in Verdens Gang, Rogalands Avis and Stavanger Aftenblad. Critic Borghild Maaland in VG throws a five on the dice and writes: “This hardly honourably period in Norwegian history is told with juice, power and buckets of sharp irony by the independent group Statsteatret.

“Pitch dark and hysterically funny”

“The theme is serious, the story a little wild and the characters more than a little crazy”, Aftenbladet writes in their review of 1814. (Photo: Monica Lindanger)

“The theme is serious, the story a little wild and the characters more than a little crazy”, Aftenbladet writes in their review of 1814. (Photo: Monica Lindanger)

According to critic Leif Tore Lindø in Stavanger Aftenblad this is  “rascals playing rascal theatre. A dark side of the Nowegian history is told with lots of cowboy rock’n’roll, which makes it deeply serious, almost disturbing, and pitch dark and hysterically funny at the same time.“ Stein Roger Fossmo in Rogalands Avis writes: “The grip of associating the Norwegian state’s brutal treatment of the Sami people with The New America’s genocide of the Native Americans is in it self anything but toothless. Besides: Director Yngve Sundvor and Statsteatret is picking at the bad concience Norwegians have, with good reason, towards their own indigenous people. It is a fair reminder, 200 years after the men at Eidsvoll created the Constitution.” Johan Mathis Gaup in Altaposten writes: “even if the subject is serious, this can rightly be called «feelgood theatre», and the tears seen on some audience members is after a great burst of laughter.”

After this wonderful feedback we are really looking forward to travel around the country with this production.

See our schedule for future performances.

Wild rehearsals

Wild rehearsals

We are constantly getting closer to the premiere of 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild north, and at this moment, Statsteatret has its base in the basement of Rogaland Teater in Stavanger, where we are testing and failing, in the manner we always test and fail our way to completion.

After wour weeks of rehearsals in buycbdproducts apartment in Oslo, the artistic process has moved to Norway’s West coast.

In our democratic theatre process we work by the improv principle of accept, don’t block. You rarely feel clever when you are throwing yourself into an idea that might not be thoroughly thought through, and you get booed off stage. But that is the way Statsteatret loves to work, and that is how the performances are created. With a base in Yngves draft script, of course. 90 percent of what is tried out, will be rejected. “Kill your darlings” is an important motto.

The stage design is constantly developing. In this performance pallets are the main element, specifically 25 euro pallets that will form, amongst other things, a bar.

Herr Pedersen er tidligere same, men prøver å kvitte seg med den identiteten. Derfor hårfargen. Skuespiller Kim synes det er helt topp å ha hår igjen.

Mr Pedersen is formerly Sami, but that is an identity he is trying to get rid of. Therefore the hair colour. Actor Kim thinks it is great having hair again.

For all westerns with self-respect should have a bar with scowling and fairly nervous guests.

Props and costumes also need to fall into place now. A genuine cowboy shop in Jæren will soon receive a visit from a gang of lost city boys hunting for hats and chaps. We also need Indian accessories, as this is after all a cowboy-and-Indian performance. But our base costume is always the black suit. We believe in the art of implication, so Egil might have to make do with a feather in his hat.

In four weeks, after a swift trip via Narvik and Bergen to perform 1066 – The battle of Stamford bridge and 1537 – Danish years, we travel to Kautokeino and Det Samiske Nasjonalteatret Beaivvas. There we will be adding the finishing touches, before our fourth production, 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild north is ready for its world premiere at The Ice Theatre in Kautokeino 16th April.

Welcome to the wild, wild north

Welcome to the wild, wild north

In january we start rehersals for the next episode in Statsteatrets norwegian history, 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild North. It´s 200 years since the constetution was signed at Eidsvold. Men this is the history of samene, the natives of the north.

First rehersal at Gards on Nesodden with Kim, Yngve, Cato, Per and Egil (with his spiritual presence)

First rehersal at Gards on Nesodden with Kim, Yngve, Cato, Per and Egil (with his spiritual presence)

1814 har hendt, og vi er mer eller mindre herrer i eget hus. Etter at danskene har styrt sjappa i århundrer, står vi der trygt på ustø bein. Fra Lindesnes i sør til, – ja, der har vi det; Finmarken, denne endeløse prærien, med all sin råskap og hedenskap. Med alle disse innfødte, ville lappene som står i veien for fremskrittet og vår nasjon. Heldigvis hadde vi en solid kontingent barske, kjekke cowboys som visste å håndtere den slags indianere.

”What happens on Vidda, stays on Vidda”

De faste skuespillerne Cato Skimten Storengen, Kim Sørensen, Gard B. Eidsvold og Per Kjerstad er med. I tillegg har vi fått med Egil Keskitalo fra Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter, og det er vi veldig glade for. Regi og manusarbeid blir også denne gang ved vår eminente regissør Yngve Sundvor. Prosjektet skjer i samarbeid med Rogaland Teater og Beaivváš Sámi Našunálateáhter

Skjærtorsdag 17. april blir det urpremiere  i Kautokeino. Deretter går turen til Stavanger og Rogaland Teater. I mai blir det turné i Troms og Finnmark. Denne måneden skal vi også til Det Norske Teatret i Oslo og Sekkefabrikken kulturhus på Slemmestad. Det blir tradisjonen tro også denne gang låveteater på Piltingsrud Gard i Valdres i sommer.

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1537 – Danish years

1537 - Danish years

Our newest “love story”, 1537 – Danish years has now been played all over the contry. And it has been great! Welcome to a time when patriotism and national pride had not yet been invented. Welcome to a journey in religion, wealth, language, sex and slavery. We meet a mysterious Danish theater troupe on its way between the Norwegian fjords to save the frozen souls of Catholic destruction. Luther is the new wine. We have been all around the Norway with this show. Our next performance is gonna be in Oslo, at Kunstnernes Hus in january and february.

Read more about 1537 – Danish years here.

New webpage

New webpage
Welcome to our new webpage. Now also in english! Here you can read about Statsteatret, our historical project and our performences. You can see where and when we perform our plays and order tickets. And we would be happy to get some inputs and questions from you.