1349 – The plague

Pesten 1349 Plakat

– Endelig en musikal om svartedauden

Join Statsteatret back to 1349 and the biggest pandemic ever. Meet inkeeper Svein (Gard B. Eidsvold ) and his three very different sons ( Cato Skimten Storengen ) who are struggling to make ends meet. Mothers flatbread do not sell as before and its a huge absens of guests.

One day a stranger (Kim Sørensen) comes to this dismal place with interesting spices in his briefcase . Innkeeper ‘s life is turned from defeat to success. But what has the stranger fled from? And why do all the rats in the town die? Who lurks in the shadow of the stranger ? And why the hell do he washes his hands ?

An immortal woman singing in the dead of night ( Marit A. Andreassen ). Who is she and why am I so cold?

With: Gard B. Eidsvold , Cato Skimten Storngen, Kim Sørensen and Marit Adeleide Andreassen
Director and screenwriter: Yngve Sundvor
Sound design: Fredrik Baden

” 1349 – The Plague ” is a collaboration between the Statsteatret , Rogaland Teater , Agder Teater and Tou Scene. Supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council , Fund for Sound and Picture, Fund for Performing Artists, The Freedom of Expression and Stavanger – Cultural Fund.

” 1349 ” gives us both jokingly and seriously, plague and fun. And like all good historylections it says quite a bit about our modern times. - Dagbladet

There is every reason to let the infection of ” Plague ” … An inventive idea of ​​the dark ages where one still gets caught with a blissful smile on his face. - Rogaland Avis

The aim of the show is to expose people’s patterns of behavior during the plague in 1349 to better understand their own patterns of contemporary crises. Why did Norway take the hardest hit in Europe during the Black Death? Approximately two thirds of the population died . From 300,000 inhabitants in excess of 100 000 In just half a year ! What it meant, really, for a people to lose so many, children, friends, family and especially labor?

The social structure had to be rebuilt , but that was left was a little less poor, they most likely found a better farm and left their own ” deserted farms ,” saved his life , lived well. This purge had not just negative impacts.

Our main concern is still investigating human being to such circumstances. When you do not know what the disease is caused, it is free for all kind of theories. In 1349 spun thoughts about doomsday. Many thought the punishment of God against the sinful were because of the Jews. And until today scientists disagree about the causes of the black plague, bubonic plague, ebola or antrax? And how had the plague really originate ?

Welcome to an adventure of historic dimensions, accompanied by languorous music that will crawl into your ear and stay there forever .

In short, a plague show!

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