1880 – America

An offer you can’t refuse.

Join STATSTEATRET in down-town Chicago and meet a family of Norwegian settlers and their challanges to fit in. Their struggle for lutefisk, protestantism and Norwegian family values. The head of the family, Salomon, not a stranger to misdemeanors, and mafioso behavior leads with a rigorous hand. In this neighborhood the weapons are never far. Will his america reformed son John (former Johannes) back up his father and his views? Will Solomon`s brother, the booz loving police chief look the other way? The sharp and pungent smell of gun smoke, blood and fish is in the air.
It’s time to give someone an offer they can’t refuse.

With: Gard B Eidsvold, Per Kjerstad, Cato Skimten Storengen and Kim Sørensen
Director: Yngve Sundvor
Script: Yngve Sundvor in collaboration with Statsteatret
Dramaturg: Morten Kjerstad

1880 – America is a collaboration between Statsteatret and Rogaland Teater.

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