1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild North

Photo: Stig Håvard Dirdal, dTurbine

Photo: Stig Håvard Dirdal, dTurbine

1814 has happened, and we are more or less our own masters. After the Danes have runned the saloon for centuries we are finally safe behind our own bar on a bit shaky legs. From Lindesnes in the south to , – yes , there we have it ; Finmarken, this endless prairie (vidda), with all its savagery and paganism. With all these natives, wild Laps standing in the way of progress for our nation. Luckily we had a solid army of handsome cowboys who knew how to handle that kind of Indians.Meet The governor, the law in this godless place. You’ll also meet his friend, The lapp-doctor , Mr. Keyser, who, when he is not concerned with scull measurements, is a very pleasant acquaintance. Moreover you will meet Pedersen who runs the local saloon. Pedersen was previously a Sami (Native), but never mention this in his presence if you wanna stay alive.Riding in from the left comes the criminal John. He is banished by the athorities to a life on the prairie (vidda) up north as part of the colonization project of the Norwegian government. John is quick with his revolver, but perhaps not that quick intellectually.And then we have Ailo. An easy coastal Sami who one day get enough. Very enough…
“What happens on vidda, stays on vidda “

Tildels hysterisk morsomt geleidet av treffende og presise ordvekslinger i høyt tempo med perfekt timing, av det meget dyktige ensemblet.- Altaposten

Det er John Wayne og Tarantino i kaotisk, men underholdende og skarp forening.- VG

Kjøp billett, for dette må du få med deg. Yihaa!!! - Stavanger Aftenblad

Et bittersøtt oppgjør med den norske statens brutalitet overfor samene, i hysterisk humoristisk innpakning.- Rogalands Avis

With : Cato Skimten Engen, Kim Sorensen, Gard B. Eidsvold, Per Kjerstad and Egil Keskitalo
Director: Yngve Sundvor
Dramaturge: Morten Kjerstad
Screenplay: Yngve Sundvor in cooperation with the Statsteatret
Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes
In cooperation with Rogaland Teater and Beaivváš Sami Našunálateáhter

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