1537 – Danish years


– En «dejlig kærlighedshistorie»

What happened to Norway on the way from the Reformation in 1537 till the constitution took form in 1814 ? What happened in those darkened centuries ? Or were these years simply not dark, but full of light and hope for the future? You do not know? Do not worry. Once again Statsteatret comes to your rescue .

Welcome to a time when patriotism and national pride had not yet been invented. Welcome to a journey in religion, wealth, language, sex and slavery. We meet a mysterious Danish theater troupe on its way between the Norwegian fjords to save the frozen souls of Catholic destruction. Luther is the new wine. A young Norwegian man joins the bandwagon, and thus on a journey he will never forget.

Welcome to our quirky , dangerous but “oh so wonderful lovestory!”

By Yngve Sundvor in cooperation with Statsteatret
With: Cato Skimten Storengen, Kim Sørensen and Per Kjerstad
Musician: John Lilja
Director: Yngve Sundvor

1537 – Dansketid is a collaboration between Statsteatret, Rogaland Theatre and Tou Scene.

Supported by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs and The Freedom of Expression .

Thanks to Høyer for the suits.

Statsteatret delivers something one could almost call a new form of theater. Where the bar is high, it really makes you laugh and the actors are so relaxed that it’s almost like you run up on stage and sit with them.- iTromsø


” A little” amusement
Great fun and actors in sparkling shape “” … lots of subtle humor

- Rogalands Avis


… it is much resilient theater games and fun details to enjoy in ” Dansketid ” .

Kim Sørensen, Cato Skimten Storngen and Per Kjerstad form a hard, sweaty team that unfolds intense, sometimes physically demanding theatre.

- Stavanger Aftenblad




  1. Avhengighetsskapende historiefortelling!

    I juni så jeg 1066 – Slaget ved Stamford Bridge, i teatersalen i Porsgrunn rådhus,
    og blei rusa…
    I går så jeg 1537 – Dansketid, i perfekt ramme på Gamle Ormelet,
    og er hekta……
    (Hvorfor har jeg ikke fått med meg Pesten???? Please, spill den flere ganger…..).

    Statsteaterets historefortellling er unik og avhengighetsskapende!!
    For å si det med Rolf Just Nilsen: Superoptikjempefantafenomenalistisk!
    eller med Øystein Sunde: Jeg MÅ, jeg MÅ, jeg MÅ ha MER….

    Aller beste hilsen
    Ole Ragnar Helgen

    • Statsteatret

      Tusen takk for fine ord! Vi skulle gjerne spilt Pesten mer, ja.. La oss håpe den snart kommer til en scene nær deg :-)

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