1066 – The battle of Stamford bridge

1066 Slaget ved Stamford Bridge. ren 28-04

– Norske Kongesagaer blir aldri det samme

Statsteatret shakes the history of Norway and royal sagas with irreverent resolve. What you thought you knew about the famous battle can be turned upside down when they experienced actors take on the story as a theatrical version of Mythbusters. Does the Viking in us still live? This is a tragicomedy about one of the worst battles in Norwegian history , with 5,000 Norwegians lost their lives in the attempt to conquer England.

The story revolves about the days before the Battle of Stamford Bridge, and we will meet the king, Harald Hardrada , characterized by heavy depression. His son, Olav, who are struggling with weight problem and a serious relationship with God. A poet, Thjodolf , who dream of writing a bestseller in the world of illiterates, and an expatriate English Earl, Toste, who struggle socially and have a possible substance abuse problem.

Meet four sweaty men with alternating impressive physique gives everything for Norway . Welcome to an hour filled with drama, action, history, humor, mystery and love. WARNING : It will be used a very explicit language , as well as men who kiss.

Starring : Gard B. Eidsvold , Cato Skimten Storengen, Kim Sørensen and Per Kjerstad .

Director and screenwriter : Yngve Sundvor .

Duration : approx . 1 hour and 15 min.

Statsteatret is fireing off a lovely , historic, surreal and comical world premiere- Rogaland Avis

Never before , I believe that I have felt so included in a show- iTromsø

Great fun and a great way to generate interest about our own identity and history . Run and learn! - Tromsø By


A total of theater we ‘ve been doing is a research on what we are and who we are. This project is thus a continuation of this idea, but with very specific point in our history. The goal is to be able to see parallels from different times and in our times.

We would start with the Vikings finish ; Battle of Stamford Bridge in the year 1066 . An era is over. We know that the battle was . We know we lost nearly 5,000 men ( a monstrous number also in contemporary perspective ). We know that Harald Hardrada cooperation with Toste Goodwinson , brother of the English King Harold Goodwinson. We know that the Norwegians were unprepared when the battle was. We know we lost the battle. We know that Harald Hardrada fell. That’s what we know .

But why? What motivation could be the basis for this cruise? Why were we all Vikings ? And have we ever stopped doing it ? The outer evolution of human society and the structure is formidable , but what is the state of the internal development?

How can it be that we have developed a heroic relative to this battle ,the Viking culture in general. And how is it that we continue to shout ” To Valhalla “, even today ?

Today, as we so often want to play with in the global arena , including as a nation of peace , it is then a matter of an inferiority complex, or is it contrary megalomania ?

Existential Monty Python meets Snorre’s sagas in a Quentin Tarantino universe. The story told like you’ve never heard it.



  1. Hanne Lille-Schulstad

    Takk for en flott forestilling på Olavsdagene i kveld!! Velkommen tilbake til Sarpsborg i august! Vi gleder oss allerede!!!


    • Statsteatret

      Så hyggelig at du likte den! Gøy at du kom og så. Vi gleder oss veldig til å spille i Sarpsborg igjen på søndag :-)

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