Per Kjerstad

Per Kjerstad Foto: Marius Strøm

Per Kjerstad graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Theatre in 2007. He has since been associated Hålogaland Theatre, Rogaland Theatre, the National Theatre and The Norwegian Theatre.

By The Norwegian Theatre, he had the title role in Don Carlos, and by Hålogaland Theatre he played among others Krogstad in A Doll’s House, Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet, pastor Helge Fossmo in Knutby and Lieutenant Glahn in PAN, which he was Hedda nomination . The performance was dramatized and directed by Yngve Sundvor.Kjerstad has since worked with Sundvor in Sladder at Rogaland Theatre.

Kjerstad has starred in several television shows and films, including the Hotel Caesar, Heart to Heart, Conqueror, Fatso and Varg Veum – Fallen Angels. Kjerstad are employed in the Statsteatret as one of the five initiators. He plays Thjodolf in Statsteatrets first production, 1066 – The battle of Stamford Bridge. In 1537 – Danish years played Kjerstad the Norwegian Runar.




Kjerstad is borned in 1977
Kontaktinfo: [email protected]