Marit A. Andreassen

1349 5

Marit Adeleide Andreassen was educated at the Norwegian Academy of Theatre. She debuted at Oslo Nye in 1993. There, she has interpreted Sally Bowles in Cabaret, Alice in Closer and Lady Torrance in Wild Angels. By Hålogaland Theatre has Andreassen played Polly in The Threepenny Opera.


Andreassen has worked at the National Theatre since 2000. There, she has interpreted Sis in Abruptly forever, Anna Petrovna Vojnitsev the piece without title, the title role in Hedda Gabler, Miss Prism in Who is Ernest?, Aunt Sophie in stage and television version of People and Robbers in Cardamom Town and Nille Jeppe on the hillside.

Marit A. Andreassen has starred in around 25 films and starred in TV productions as number 13, and Sara Selma and Unni Lindell series about Cato Isaksen.

Andreassen complicit in Statsteatrets production in 1349 – The plague, where she plays Yersinia Pestis.


Birth: 29 March 1966