Kim Sørensen

Kim Sørensen Foto: Marius Strøm

Kim Sørensen graduated from the National Academy of Theatre in 2001. Since then Sørensen has been engaged by the National scene, The Norwegian Theatre, Nordland Teater and for six years at the National Theatre. He was in 2009 Hedda-nominated for her role as Jamie in the retreat from Moscow. He has interpreted over 25 roles in recent years and directed several plays. Sørensen has also appeared in several films and television shows.

He had in spring 2011 under the auspices of the Training Lesson by Ari Behn at Rogaland Theatre.

Sørensen has worked at the National Theatre as artistic advisor and house director . In autumn 2012, he directed Blackbird.

Sørensen is employed in Statsteatret as one of the five initiators. He plays Toste in the Statteatrets first production, 1066 – The battle of Stamford Bridge and Antonio in 1349 – The plague. In 1537 – Danish years he plays Marlene.

Birth: 12 November 1976
Contact Info: [email protected]