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1880 is on!

start 1880

Rehersals for 1880 – America have started, and for several weeks we have discussed and improvised to find the shape of our lutefisk mafia history. The roles have been given out, and we’ve talked a lot about who these characters are. This time it’s Per’s turn to play “the big boss”. In 1880 that is… Read more »

Statsteatret goes to America

Photo: Tomas Kvitvik

We give you an offer you can’t refuse. Our fifth play is a mafia-lutefisk story from down-town Chicago. In 1880 – America we meet a family of Norwegian settlers and their challanges to fit in. Their struggle for lutefisk, protestantism and Norwegian family values. The head of the family, Salomon, not a stranger to misdemeanors, and mafioso behavior… Read more »

Wonderful start for 1814


«1814 – A wild west story from the wild, wild North» premiered in Kautokeino, Northern Norway at Easter and has so far also performed at Rogaland Teater in Stavanger, Norway. The response from the audience and reviewers has been overwhelming. Now the rest of the country awaits us. After a few weeks rehearsals at Beaivvas… Read more »

Wild rehearsals

Gard og scenografien

We are constantly getting closer to the premiere of 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild north, and at this moment, Statsteatret has its base in the basement of Rogaland Teater in Stavanger, where we are testing and failing, in the manner we always test and fail our way to completion. After wour weeks… Read more »

Welcome to the wild, wild north


In january we start rehersals for the next episode in Statsteatrets norwegian history, 1814 – A wild west story, from the wild, wild North. It´s 200 years since the constetution was signed at Eidsvold. Men this is the history of samene, the natives of the north. 1814 har hendt, og vi er mer eller mindre… Read more »

1537 – Danish years


Our newest “love story”, 1537 – Danish years has now been played all over the contry. And it has been great! Welcome to a time when patriotism and national pride had not yet been invented. Welcome to a journey in religion, wealth, language, sex and slavery. We meet a mysterious Danish theater troupe on its… Read more »

New webpage

From the left: Cato Skimten Storengen, Kim Sørensen and Per Kjerstad.

Velkommen til vår nye nettside. Her kan du lese om Statsteatret, vårt historiske prosjekt og forestillingene våre.