About us

Statsteatret's aim with the project "Norway 1066-2066" is to "re-write" the story of Norway and bring it out to a large audience throughout the land. We will make ten shows in ten years. We will find important crossroads in our history and, hopefully, find answers to who we are and why we have become who we are.


  • 1880 is on!

    1880 is on! - Rehersals for 1880 – America have started, and for several weeks we have discussed and improvised to find the shape of our lutefisk mafia history. Read more →

  • Statsteatret goes to America

    Statsteatret goes to America - We give you an offer you can’t refuse. Our fifth play is a mafia-lutefisk story from down-town Chicago. In 1880 – America we meet a family of Norwegian Read more →